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Paperback aspires to create and sustain a community that surrounds the journal and invites folks from all walks of life into the literary world.


Those in network with Paperback have remained influential and gone on to attain teaching positions, graduate school admission, entrepreneurship, publication, and national acclaim. As a journal that is interested in nurturing powerful people, we are always looking for ways to sustain an intimate community. 

Why Become a Member? 

Whether you want to integrate yourself into the literary community, become a better writer, or polish a corpus of material for future publication, Paperback can help!


Paperback Literary Journal is the attendant of a poetry festival that Editor-in-Chief, Glorious Piner, hosted in West Philadelphia in 2018. The goals of the journal are similar to those of the festival -- to create a space that fosters fellowship, the inter-cultural exchange of literary or artistic philosophies, and accessibility to excellent art and literature.

Membership allows old and new comers to take full advantage of the many resources the Paperback team has compiled to execute our goals. 

Some of the benefits of becoming a member are the following: 

  • Discounted access to Paperback's Summer, Fall, and Winter writing intensives

  • Discounted access to Paperback events including, but not limited to our annual Paperback Poetry Festival, Paperback Rooftop Readings, our new Emerging Writer's Conference, and our new Stand-Up Poetry Slam Series: Rotten

  • A daily writing prompt

  • Invitations to community gatherings including, but not limited to, the Writer's Retreat following Paperback Poetry Festival 2020

  • A monthly newsletter with reading and writing tips

  • Our annual print and digital mixed media issues

  • Discounts for our Bookmark (Basic), Bookbinding (Premium), and Bookshelf (Professional) project packages. Learn more by checking out the tab above that says "Editorial Services" 

Types of Membership: 

Youth Membership ($20)


At Paperback, we put children first. The future relies on the investments made into the intellectual and artistic development of our youth. Because of this, we have created a Youth Membership Program, extended to people between ages 13 - 18, that affords them the following benefits: 


  • Access to youth oriented writing intensives

  • Mentorship

  • Access to youth oriented community gatherings

  • Volunteer Opportunities

  • Discounted admission into our annual Paperback Poetry Festival and to the Emerging Writer's Conference

  • A monthly newsletter with reading and writing tips. 


Mentor (Student) Membership ($45): 

This membership package is available to undergraduate students pursuing English or Creative Writing, or to those between ages 20 - 30 with comparable experience, who are willing to mentor our youth members. Mentorship includes joining them in community gatherings, helping them in achieving literacy goals, and offering feedback on their written work. 

Benefits of this membership are the following: 

  • Contribute to the intellectual development of  and grow into a meaningful relationship with1-2 youth writers

  • Access to youth and adult community gatherings 

  • Discounted admission into all Paperback events

  • Discounted admission into all Paperback writing intensives

  • 25% discount for project packages 

  • Opportunities to pitch and organize literary events funded and marketed by Paperback Literary Journal. 

  • A monthly newsletter with reading, writing, and teaching tips. 


General Membership ($100):

General Membership requires an annual fee of $100. This allows us to continue to resource the community with the benefits mentioned above. It also allows us to compensate our editors fairly while offering you all of our services at a possible cost.

Our membership packages will be available promptly after the Paperback Poetry Festival on June 24, 2019. Take advantage of our pre-sale by joining now and saving up to 50% on membership pack. 

To get started, email us at paperbacklitjournal@gmail.com with your name, the reason why you are interested in membership. Let's connect!

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