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Writing the Horror Story

Fall is here and things are about to get spo0oOky! Just in time for Halloween season, Paperback will be offering an intensive that explores horror in fiction. 

Course Description:


Writing The Horror Story is a course which teaches students various techniques and styles for writing horror, using the work of established horror and supernatural writers, from Charlotte Perkins Gillman, to Stephen King, to Karen Russell as examples. In this class, students will read and analyze excerpts of horror and supernatural writing from multiple literary periods and sub-genres, write their own short horror stories, and receive the valuable opportunity to be workshopped by the class and professor. Through class discussion, teacher-feedback, and multiple writing exercises, students will understand the complexities of writing horror and form their own unique voice as a writer in this genre. 

Dates & Times: Oct. 6th - Oct. 27th, Saturdays, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM 

About the Instructor:


Zoe Darazsdi is a writer of multiple award-winning horror stories, and one short film. She studies Creative Writing at the University of the Arts and works as the Creative Nonfiction Editor of Paperback Literary Journal and the Fiction Editor of Underground Pool Literary Magazine. Her lifelong passion for scary stories fuels her career in writing.

How to Apply: There is no application fee. Send in a sample of fiction of no less than 500 words, and a brief letter explaining why you are interested in taking the intensive to paperbacklitjournal@gmail.com 

Tuition: Upon acceptance into the Fall intensive, students will be expected to $5 per workshop or $25 for the entire intensive.Payments must be made before students attend workshops. Scholarships are available! Contact paperbacklitjournal@gmail.com for more details. 

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