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Editing Services

Get our Editorial Team on your next project!

In Lincoln Michel's "The Ultimate Guide to Getting Published in a Literary Magazine", a collective of editors shared that while only 1% of submitted writing gets published, about 10% of work receives full consideration. A 1/100 chance of having your submission published can be overwhelmingly daunting. However, having your work go under detailed review beforehand can increase that chance by ten times. This is great news! The difference between bumping a 1/100th chance up to a 1/10th chance is a personalized editorial experience that we can provide as a team of freelancers!


Our editors have an extensive history of writing, editing, and publishing; they all have formal educational backgrounds in creative writing, have built portfolios that have gotten them into BFA and MFA writing programs at the University of the Arts, the New York Conservatory For Dramatic Arts, The New School, William Paterson University, McNeese University, and the University of Maryland. They've been published in the L'Ephemere Review, Z Publishing's Emerging Writers of Philadelphia, The Underground Pool, Calliope Lit Magazine, The Bridge Magazine, Apiary Magazine, and Whirlwind.  They've won the President's Fund For Excellence from the University of Arts, a grant from the City of Philadelphia, and has been on the advisory board that created 4 grants at the Heinz Endowments. This is all to say that whether you'd just like feedback, want to polish a set of pieces to send off to journals, chisel a grant, or would like to prepare to send off a manuscript, Paperback can help! We are connected to an international database of journals, presses and programs that tailors to your work's needs. With three different levels of personalized project packages available for purchase, PBL can nurture your work to its fullest weight and help you carry it to its new home!

Project Packages 

There are three different project scopes that we can commit to. Those scopes being the Bookmark Package, the Bookbinding Package, and the Bookshelf Package. Each of these levels corresponds with the volume of the work, the complexity of the work, and the institutions that will provide your work a home. 

Bookmark (Basic) Package

  • Recommended for high schoolers, emerging writers, those submitting pieces to journals

  • Line-level suggestions  for up to 5 poems,1,500 words of prose, or a mixed media piece not to exceed 5 minutes. 

  • Direction to up to 3 journals, contests, or summer programs compatible with you work 

Bookbinding (Premium) Package

  • Recommended for college prep, undergrad students, those submitting chapbooks

  • Line level suggestions and a letter of critique for up to 10 poems, 7,000 words of prose, or a mixed media piece not to exceed 15 minutes

  • Direction to up to 10 journals, contests, grants, film festivals or residencies that are compatible with your work 

Bookshelf (Professional) Package

  • Recommended for writers seeking an agent, a graduate fellowship, those submitting to presses

  • Line level suggestions, a critical analysis letter, and a in-person (or Skype) consultation for a full manuscript across all forms

  • Direction to up to 20 presses, grants, agents, or fellowships that are compatible with your work 

Membership Rates

Members are provided with a discount on project packages through a flat fee. Flat fees for members are the following: 


  • Bookmark (Basic) Package - $215 (negotiable) 

  • Bookbinding (Premium) Package - $415 (negotiable) 

  • Bookshelf (Professional) Package - $950 (negotiable) 

Those who are not interested in membership, but are interested in services have project packages priced at about 10 cents per word. A part of membership benefits include a priority consideration for the projects taken on. Paperback's community is filled with active, engaged writers on all fronts. It is our priority to honor them. Check out our "Membership" page to learn more about the benefits of integrating into are growing online and offline communities. While Paperback does not value an exclusive, clique way of building community, we do value developing a supportive, sustainable, mutually beneficial network. Our relationships go beyond holding space within the journal, but reaching out to those who love literature across the world. We're excited to have you join us via the entry point that works best for you! 

These deals will launch on June 24, 2019, 12:00 AM est. If you're ready to get started, email your name, preferred package deal, and a brief description of your project not to exceed 250 words to paperbacklitjournal@gmail.com. Purchase now, while our pre-sale is active, and save up to 50% off. The countdown is happening now!

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