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Paperback is an online and annual print literary journal that is dedicated to being a lens that captures all of the colors that darken or illuminate truth. We will begin posting poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction on our website in July 2018. 


We are currently seeking editors, junior editors, and readers in all genres (poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction). We are also seeking a photographer/photo editor. All reading positions are volunteer-based. 


Editors' Responsibilities: 


1.) Read submissions on a rolling basis. 

2.) Select and edit material for our online blog and print issue. 

3.) Work closely with other editors to make semi-final and final decisions regarding publication. 

4.) Provide feedback to author's of submissions

5.) Must be able to commit to reading and editing at least 4 hours a week. (How hours are divided is completely up to the editor!)


A Favorable Candidate Has:  


1.) Excellent reading and comprehension skills 

2.) Excellent writing skills

3.) Completed Editing and Publishing, Creative Writing, and/or English courses or has at least a year of equivalent professional experience (Preferably) 


How to Apply: 


If you're interested in becoming an Editor for Paperback, send us your resume, samples of writing/editing, and a letter telling us why you want to join and what qualifies you to be an editor for us (can be informal). We'd also like an Editor's Statement -- a brief letter that explains and demonstrates your go-to editing approaches (can also be informal). 


Email address -- paperbacklitjournal@gmail.com


Photographer's/Photo Editor's Responsibilities: 


1.) Provide photographic content for our website and print issue. 

2.) Respond to work selected for publication with photographs. 

3.) Edit photos. 


A Favorable Candidate Has: 


1.) Excellent photography and editing skills

2.) Excellent reading and comprehension skills 

3.) Ability to interpret and respond to creative writing and other forms of art with photography. 


How to Apply: 


If you're interested in becoming a photographer for Paperback Literary Journal, send us your resume, your portfolio, and a letter telling us why you'd like to join our team (can be informal). 


Email Address -- paperbacklitjournal@gmail.com


Reader's Responsibilities: 


1.) Read submissions for print issue

2.) Respond to submissions on a rubric that will be provided by the editors

3.) Attend Paperback Reader's meeting/dinner in the Fall 


A Favorable Candidate Has: 


1.) Excellent reading and comprehension skills 

2.) Attended a workshop or two (preferably) 

3.) Creative writing skills (preferably)

4.) Loves to read!


How to Apply: 


If you're interested in becoming a reader for Paperback, send us a letter telling us about your literary background and why you'd like to be a part of our team (can be informal). 


Email Address -- paperbacklitjournal@gmail.com 


We are looking to fill these positions as soon as possible. Applications for multiple positions are welcomed! 






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