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RECAP of our Rooftop Reading & Special Announcement

So it's been a minute since we checked in! An entire school year has passed, some folks have graduated, some folks have dropped new projects. Above it all, the Broad Street Breeze no longer cuts a new chill in our veins, for the clouds have parted (and gathered and parted and gathered and parted since smog keeps the weather machine on chaos mode here in Philadelphia) to reveal the glow of a springtime sun, which has since progressed to SUMMER! 


We love summertime over here at Paperback, because Paperback is in fact, a summer baby. More on that later...


On Saturday, May 25th, you may have heard a beautiful disturbance piercing the South Philadelphia sunset known as our Roof is On Fire: Rooftop Reading. With some photos provided by our lovely photography editor, Sabrina Pantal, we're walking you through an intimate poetry reading we hosted in Grays Ferry, featuring 7 poets from across our shared networks, and our very own Sounds by Sabrina. Jeremy Little is pictured above!



Under a golden, and pink sky, we gathered about 30 folks to hear poetry (Amy Janotti is pictured above), music, eat some good food, and help us fundraise over Memorial Day weekend. What are we fundraising for?? I'm glad you asked...


 In this photo, you can see our Editor-in-Chief, Glorious Piner daydreaming about the second annual Paperback Poetry Festival! 


Back in March we had gained the support of the City of Philadelphia's Office of Arts, Culture, and Creative Economy in hosting the Paperback Poetry Festival in FDR Park in South Philadelphia. If you haven't seen the event on Facebook, or PhillyFunGuide, you may have seen some artwork circulating around our social media with our fantastic lineup, which includes the current Poet Laureate of Philadelphia, Raquel Salas Rivera! 


Check out our first flyer below! 




Hopefully you see your favorite poet on there out of our five features and five spotlights, and make sure you follow Malachi Lily, the wonderful artist, poet, event curator, and powerhouse behind this flyer, at @theholyhawkmoth on Instagram. And make sure to RSVP at the City of Philadelphia's event page and our Facebook event page! 


And as always - stay engaged with us by checking out our archive, and subscribing for updates. Be back with a press release soon! 




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