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Our Mission 

Paperback Literary Journal's mission is to discover and celebrate excellence in literature. We are dedicated to searching in all crevices of the world to find it.


Paperback publishes prose, poetry and printed art that interrogates the world's interaction with the human experience. 

Paperback does not publish pieces that ask our editors to define rather than refine it. We do not publish pieces where the author defines the significance of events rather than explore it.  


History of "Paperback" & More 

Paperback Literary Journal was founded in 2018 by writer, Glorious Piner, after organizing and hosting a poetry festival in West Philadelphia. Initially, the name "Paperback" was used only to provide context to the festival. The definition of "paperback" is a book bound by stiff paper or flexible cardboard. Metaphorically, the physical structure of a paperback book is a voice on paper, trying very hard to explain something, held cohesive and upright by this vincible, yet perseverant spine.


Paperback Literary Journal is a publication that acknowledges much of literature as a collection of estranged voices, demanding to be understood. It actively seeks work that explores the complexities of truth and the limitations of perspective reality. It also actively attempts to perpetuate the practice of building community by binding us, writers and non-writers, by our words and all of the things that make us vulnerable which are inevitably the same things that make us strong, and maybe more importantly make us.

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